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buy proscar hong kong NIVE DIVE is the latest, highly anticipated digital marketing platform. Now it’s possible to measure performance indexes and the ROI of your online campaigns. Manage the progress of your on-going campaigns in real time and add value to your leads and your clients. With Nive Dive, you can increase the competitivity of your business.


Nive Dive is a start-up founded by digital marketing experts. After working closely with company directors, marketing managers and C-Suite executives, it became apparent that what the market needed was a definitive solution to calculate the return on investment of online communication and marketing campaigns. Thanks, not only to client feedback but also, to three years of research with the Department of Economics and Management at the University of Trento (Italy) Nive Dive was born.

i need to order Fincar without a prescription Why Nive Dive:
1. It’s the only platform that measures your digital campaigns in real time and demonstrates the value they’ve generated for your business;
2. Easy to use without any integrations al you have to do is follow the set-up instructions, input your company’s data and leave the rest to us;
3. Improve the methodology and analysis of your marketing campaigns: integrate online data with your business numbers;
4. Get strategic information to make better decisions
5. Use the platform to improve your ongoing marketing campaigns

HOW NIVE DIVE WORKS The Nive Dive platform monitors thousands of indicators, collects data from the most important online sources, measures and integrates your business data and shows your results in line with pre-defined key performance indicators and business objectives. Nive Dive’s capabilities include:

a. Listening: integrate Nive Dive with online semantic monitoring platforms (ongoing);
b. Blending: collect, align and compare large quantities of, otherwise unstructured, information online with your business data;
c. Measuring: develop performance indicators thanks to original algorithms that respect your KPIs and objectives;
d. Deploying: provide information to stakeholders and decision makers, using highly reliable criteria with highly detailed analysis, in not only a strategic but also operational way.

The entire process of gathering and processing data is completely transparent to users thanks to two complementary interfaces: data input and result visualization
. Connect Nive Dive to your marketing campaigns to have personalized performance indices and ROI for your business.


Thanks to Real Web’s experience and expertise in the field of digital marketing, Nive Dive is armed with the secrets to accurately and completely measure performance and the ROI of online campaigns.

One of the top-ranked in Italy for teaching quality and research projects, the University of Trento and its Department of Economics and Management played an important role in the development of the platforms algorithms.

As Nive Dive’s technological partner, Enigen has guaranteed scientific rigor and innovation in the development of the platform. Its Premium version was created with Enigen to integrate with some of the most advanced marketing platforms in the world.

Thanks to the Oracle Marketing Cloud and products such as Eloqua and Social Relationship Management, Nive Dive was developed with the needs of large and medium-sized businesses in mind, capable of managing diverse campaign types, understanding complex dynamics of marketing campaigns, and handling big data.

In 2013 Nive Dive was selected for by Trentino Sviluppo for Seed Money, funding co-financed by the Autonomous Province of Trento and Europe (ERDF), whose aim was to promote the diffusion of entrepreneurial initiatives in innovative and highly technological sectors.